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Fix your slice

Fix your slice

As much as 90% of golfers struggle with slicing the ball, but why? There are countless golf lessons done every year regarding this topic. In this post, we are going to dig into the big issues and with any luck, we can fix your slice forever. 


Firstly we have a not so often talked about visual aspect to the slice, parallax. By definition, parallax is an effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions (not just a DC villain). In summary, you stand beside your target line, and your body instinctively wants to swing to the left (right-handed golfers). A somewhat difficult concept to grasp, but not without a simple fix, square up to something closer to you than your target. Pick a spot three feet in front of you and swing down the line drawn from that spot to the target. This helps your tendency to swing to the right, as well as your aiming in general.

Weak grip

When I work with golfers often times the first thing I look at is the grip. Many instructors don’t attempt to change a grip, however, the grip is the quickest way to make a drastic difference in one’s swing (without changing the actual swing). Golfers with weak grips, thumbs straight down the shaft, and palms facing each other will slice the ball. By strengthening your grip you will be able to release the club properly and in turn, fix your slice.

Weak grip and how to fix your slice

Using your arms too much (and no legs)

Similar to most sports, golf starts from the ground up, and many golfers do not grasp this concept. Moreover, if you do not swing from the ground up you will swing with your arms, in turn making your attack angle steep. Likewise to the parallax, this will cause a swing to the left and a slice of the golf ball. Using the ground post coming soon. A way to get the feeling of the swing path from the inside is to take practice swings as if you are playing tee-ball (hitting from waist high). The only way to make contact like this is to fold your back arm correctly, and swing from the inside.  


Obviously, there is no one way to slice it (pun intended), moreover, there are many ways and many combinations of ways. When I teach I try to fix the one thing that will fix five other things. Many times I see that a weak grip can lead to too much arm action. In addition, I have seen people with poor leg mobility have to swing with their arms and thus creating a slice. The thing to remember is only the right tip will cure your slice. Consult your local pro and fix your slice forever. But please don’t take any tips from the chatty 25 handicap, self-proclaimed “swing guru” at your course.


This “fix your slice” post will be the first of many instructional/educational posts to come. Next, we will roll into using the ground properly in order to assist your swing path (fix your slice). In addition, this will help you generate power, and hit your irons more efficiently. Stay tuned for more golf instruction content and feel free to contact me for more information.

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