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Golf lessons FAQ for beginners

Golf lessons FAQ
Why take golf lessons?

In every team sport, there is a coach, how come when it comes to golf so many people decide to go it alone? Beats me. Golf lessons allow you access to an expert coach and can help fast track your progression as a golfer. The golf instructor can draw on years of experience, and help you dial in your golf game. If you want to get better, take lessons.

Why are golf lessons so expensive?

At the end of the day pricing comes down to the specialization of services, the more you specialize in a service the more valuable that service is. Golf lessons can vary in price from instructor to instructor and even between different packages. When you buy golf lessons you not only pay for the time of the lesson but also the years of experience it took to learn the skill.

Where to take golf lessons near me?

When looking for a golf instructor near you don’t just look for proximity. It is just as important to find a coach with who you communicate well, in addition to them being an expert in their field. There are 100 different ways to say the same thing so find the coach who speaks your lingo.

Should I take private or group lessons?

The answer is – it is entirely up to you! Group lessons can be a good way for beginners to feel comfortable in a new environment, especially with golf being so frustrating for beginners. Alternatively, the attention to detail in individual lessons can be a very effective way to pinpoint the things you need to work on in order to improve. I would recommend giving both a try and go from there.

Is there a dress code?

When it comes to your local driving range there is most likely no dress code. I have seen a wide variety of footwear, jeans and hoodies at ranges with no issue. If you go to a golf course, it may be a little different. Dress codes vary from facility to facility so check out their website or give them a call to find out.

Do I need to bring golf clubs to my first lesson?

If you have a set of clubs bring them out, if not, more than likely your instructor will have some extras to loan to you. Be sure to ask about this ahead of time as in my case (left-handed) it may end up in you having to switch hands for the day!

Do I need to know the rules before my first lesson?

As long as you don’t hit golf balls into the parking lot (true story) the answer is no. In fact, learning the rules from your instructor can be a valuable part of a playing lesson and/or driving range lesson. There are many intricacies in the rules of golf and it can be a good thing to learn them from an expert so you can make the best decision on the golf course.

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